Tamil Heroes Day is observed by Sri Lankan Tamil people to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their life in the independence struggle to free the Tamil home land in Sri Lanka. This is commemorated on 27th of November every year.


The Diaspora Tamils in London also commemorate the Hero’s day every year in various ways.

The Tamil community in Sri Lanka continues to face a Genocide in verifies forms including enforced disappearances, extra judicial killings, sexual violence and ethic discrimination over the last 70 years since the British left the island. As a result, many Tamils were forced to flee in order to escape persecution and sought refuge in the U.K. Although the Briton holds the moral responsibility of causing this disharmony by negligently failing to protect the Tamils rights by handing the power to Singhalese, it never failed in generously providing save heaven for thousands of Tamil who suffered most horrendous torture.  Tamils remain grateful for the Britain forever for this.


2Mr. Tharmalingam Luxshan, a victim who himself survived Genocide in Sri Lanka organised this “Tree for Justice” campaign in Wales in order to pay homage to the fellow Tamils who were mercilessly slaughtered in Sri Lanka and also fought until death to protect the others. When he spoke to the media, he expressed that, Tamil fully understand the value of life and this campaign is being carried out with a view to seek justice for those who were killed by planting trees in their memory. He also invited anyone interested to come forward to join the campaign to cause awareness on the on going Genocide and prevent further loss of lives. He also added that he intended to carry on this camping by doing something good to this country by planting trees.






3Mr Sanjeeva Thanusan Vethayanagam who was in charge of this project in the outer London areas said that, “more than 15 Tamil human rights activist join hands together to remember their kith and kin who were massacred in Sri Lanka by planting trees all around the UK. He says that they strongly believe that the British people would no doubt help them to demand justice from the Sri Lankan state and take steps to prevent further persecution of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

















Mr Piratheesan, Mr Kugaruban, Mr Karthic, Mr Thalishand, Mr Sivaneswaran, and Mr Majuran took part in the event today and made it very successful by donating the trees which were planted in singleton park at Swansea on Wednesday afternoon. The local Counsellor and many British people attended the event and gave their full support.


Anyone interested to volunteer or for more information please contact Mr Luxshan on 07581033454 or Email to:



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