The Tamil Eelam national flag faces no restrictions in Britain, according to a reaffirmation made by British authorities. High-ranking police officials have confirmed that the flag can be freely displayed without hesitation.

The confirmation was made during a protest organized by diaspora Tamils outside the IHG Continental Park Lane Hotel in Britain, held in opposition to the visit of Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

President Wickremesinghe is currently on an official visit to Britain and France, marking his first visit to the two countries. Following his visit to Britain, he is scheduled to attend a conference on the new global financial agreement in France on the 22nd and 23rd.

Earlier today (19), a large-scale protest was conducted at two different locations in Britain by the diaspora Tamils residing there, expressing their opposition to President Wickremesinghe’s visit.

During a demonstration held in front of the president’s residence, over a thousand diaspora Tamils gathered and raised the Tamil Eelam national flag, while chanting slogans denouncing Ranil Wickremesinghe as a murderer of Tamils.

Foreign attendees falsely informed the stationed British police officers that the protestors were carrying prohibited flags. Consequently, the police initially prevented the display of Tamil Eelam national flags. However, following objections from the protestors, senior authorities intervened, conducting an investigation into the matter. It was then revealed that the Tamil Eelam national flag is not banned in Britain and can be freely utilized. The police acknowledged that they had been initially misinformed.

This incident serves to reiterate that there is no ban on the Tamil Eelam national flag in Britain. Today, a senior British police officer has reconfirmed the position previously clarified by the former Home Secretary in a letter dated August 2021, affirming the absence of a ban on the Tamil Eelam national flag in Britain.

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