The first day of the memorial week, dedicated to the remembrance of Mullivaikkal, commenced today (Sunday) at the University of Jaffna, known as the cultural hub of Jaffna.

The Mullivaikkal memorial week, which honors the lives lost during the final phase of the armed conflict in 2009, began today (Sunday) as the day of remembrance.

The inaugural event of the Mullivaikkal Memorial Week took place near the Mullivaikkal Memorial Flame, located close to the University of Jaffna campus.

With a minute of silence and heartfelt gratitude, the commemorative event saw the participation of students and intellectuals from Jaffna University, who paid their respects and lit candles.

During this event, wreaths were laid, and floral tributes were offered by students and speakers who expressed their thoughts and sentiments.

As the memorial service unfolded, it evoked deep emotions among the participants, with tears shed in remembrance of the lives lost. The unveiling of a memorial plaque, which was prepared by students, was also a significant highlight.

At present, the Mullivaikkal Genocide Monument, which was constructed by students, stands tall as a symbol of remembrance.

The memorial week serves as a platform for reflection, remembrance, and paying homage to the lives that were lost during that dark period. It also aims to raise awareness and foster unity among the student community, ensuring that such tragic events are never repeated.

In conclusion, the offering of Mullivaikkal Kanji (a traditional rice porridge) by students marked the culmination of the memorial week, ensuring that the memory of Mullivaikkal and the sacrifices made will forever remain alive.

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